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Click to download the maintenance guide.

Your bamboo floor is designed with low maintenance in mind. Follow these simple steps to achieve many years of enjoyment from your floor:

  • Sweep or vacuum as often as necessary to remove any loose dirt or grit.
  • Use protective mats at all exterior entrances. Do not use rubber-based mats as the rubber may leach into the bamboo.
  • Use felt protectors under heavy pieces of furniture.
  • Never slide or roll furniture or appliances across your floor. Protect the surface if using a trolley to move heavy objects.
  • Spiked heels or shoes in need of repair can severely damage your floor. In areas of excessive traffic and wear, make use of runners or area rugs.
  • Damp mop only – avoid excessive amounts of water. Steam mops must not be used. If a spill occurs, soak up the bulk liquid promptly.
  • Never use oil, soap, wax or other household products to clean your floor.
  • Keep animal nails trimmed.
  • Maintain relative humidity levels between 30% and 70%.